Dinner with the Smileys

Image“Uplifting” – Oprah’s O Magazine
“All heart” – USA Today

2014 Public Spirit Award Winner
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The heartfelt true story of a wife and mother’s yearlong experience inviting one new guest to dinner for each week that her husband was deployed.

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But Dinner With the Smileys isn’t really about dinner. And it’s not about the military either. It’s about 250 strangers who came together to help raise three boys (one on the cusp of adolescence) in the absence of their father. It’s a love story about marriage, motherhood, and the importance of community in all of our lives.

Inside this personal story are the universal issues of loss, grief, loneliness, regrets, sacrifice, and, ultimately, unexpected joy and finding one’s own strength.

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“A delicious diversion…Sarah Smiley is all heart…She’s honest to a fault, filled with self-doubt, and frequently, perilously, vulnerable. And many people will see her as a hero for being so frank about it.” - USA Today

“A meal-time revolution” - The Today Show

“[DINNER WITH THE SMILEYS] will make you a better person for reading it…By the close, you’ll be begging for seconds.”- SheKnows.com

“Classic Sarah: forthright and honest, funny and smart.” – The New York Times

“Sarah Smiley writes in such a very intimate and frank style that the reader feels like a fly on the wall…Her humor is quiet and wry, and at times she is painfully honest.” - BookReporter.com

“It is both a joy and an inspiration…If you ever doubted the basic goodness of Americans, this book will restore your faith.” – Sue Halpern, author of A DOG WALKS INTO A NURSING HOME

“[The] stories range from heartbreaking to hilarious.” – Maine Magazine

“It made me want to gather my own family around the table for a meal.” – Lisa Belkin, Huffington Post